30-Day Healthy Living, Pre-day

November 28, 2021

Do you consider your Healthy Living journey a party?

I say, let the party begin! We have to make it fun otherwise it's boring and boring is where no one wants to be. I'm feeling focused and ready to share these next 30 days with you, from weight, food, exercise, and most importantly to inspire you and make you smile.

Am I an expert? Absolutely not. Will I do the research to learn and earn as I go? Absolutely. Will I be open to share the tips and knowledge I learn? Absolutely. Will I feel afraid of being judged? Absolutely. Will negative feelings and thoughts stop me? Absolutely, not! You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. What thoughts are you telling yourself?

Deciding to do the 30-day healthy Living the second time and document my journey is me becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is me being vulnerable and unapologetically me. Realizing and changing my mindset the world doesn't only revolve around me but involves helping and leading others. If helping only one person, I have succeeded.

During the next 30 days, the goal is not to cook extravagant food but to be as simple as possible. The 30 days will consist mostly of salads, vegan egg scrambles, berries, lots of water, protein shakes and varies other Arbonne products such as GutHealth, BeWell Super Greens, Appetite Control, Fizz and more.

Arbonne's 30-day Healthy Living is not a weight loss protein but designed to help you reset your daily habits and lifestyle with vegan nutrition. It is a customizable system you can pick your protein and fizz flavors. There is also the Healthy Living Habits Set. This is a smaller set if you want to get your feet wet and maybe do a 15-day reset. You start where you are comfortable. The goal is too start. Here are some quotes to help motivate you. Save a few to look at periodically. I'm that person who can totally fill up on motivational quotes.

If not now, when?

A visit to your local grocery store to get your food and necessary items for the week is a way to keep your stress level down and set you up for success. Healthy Living doesn't have to be hard. My thoughts are keep it simple to succeed. We all have busy schedules and if it's going to be difficult we tend to quit prematurely.

A visit to Costco helped me set the tone for a successful week.

The visit was a success. When you prepare, your playing field is ready and you fill invincible. The outcome has to be great. At least that's what I say to myself.

I am honored to be on this journey with you.

Tomorrow is the big day.

Let the fun begin!



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