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Being you

Do you ever think of yourself as an original?

We should start having that mindset. We are an original and that's our super power. How can we love someone else's creativity more than our own. It first starts with us. Figure out your WHY for doing what you're doing.

We have to focus on being our authentic selves and life would be much easier. At least, that's what I read somewhere. I know mother's say this often because I have said it to my kids "Don't worry what others might say" let them talk. People will talk if you do and if you don't. So, why not just DO? Cut your hair, laugh out loud, wear your mixed patterns, put on your highest heels, wear your fitted jeans, wear flats, wear any color lipstick or none, dye your hair, and the list can go on.

Sometimes, I'm hesitant and that hesitation holds me back. We are all a work in Progress.

It's never too late to start.

Be you, For you, Do you

I decided to put on this dress. It's totally out of the norm of what I would wear. I figured it was too short and considering the fact that I'm a year from being 50 years old . They say age ain't nothing but a number. Who actually believes that? On this day, I guess I did. Stepping out and decided to relax, post and be me. Have you decided to let them talk and step out to

Be you, For you, Do you

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