Day 1

30-Day Healthy Living

November 29th

The goal is to improve my health but to be a better version of me in 30 days.

Day 1

I woke scared to step on the scale not knowing what the number would be after Thanksgiving. I had not weighed in 2 weeks because I was determined to wait until day 1 of the challenge.

I know these next 30 days will push me to grow and level up my nutrition.

This morning weighing 161.2 pounds from 175 back on August 29th, I consider a huge accomplishment. Do I desire to loose more? Of course? This is not a weight loss program but is designed to help reset your habits and lifestyle.

Morning Walk

I woke up excited to start this next 30 days.

Morning green shot includes 37 fruits & veggies. The best thing is you can mix together what you like. I haven't mixed anything that I didn't like.

BeWell SuperFood Greens

Appetite Control


Morning CleanTox Tea on the drive to work with a fizz for energy and focus. I haven't had coffee since August 29. I have become a tea drinker and loving it. When you think, why should we drink something that gives us a massive headache when we don't have it. That's a thought to ponder.

Afternoon snacks

3 bags of trail mix

bite size cherry tomatoes (salt & pepper)


Raspberry Truffle Flavor protein

Mix Berries from Costco

The shake keeps you full for hours.

Don't forget to drink your water. I had 2-32oz cup fulls

Water with lemon

I couldn't wait for dinner.

Beyond meat Patty

vegan coleslaw

I had 2 servings of slaw. This will be my dinner for the next 3 days. I'm not wasting any food. the slaw will be eaten and then moving on to the next meal.

In my opinion, to achieve success doesn't have to be complicated. Keep it simple and duplicable which makes it harder give up.

After dinner, it was a date night with dates. My sweet-tooth is still a work in progress and that's okay.

I didn't feel sluggish. Taking it day by day and giving yourself grace is important. Trust the process and give results time.

Giving up foods you love is not easy but with a tad bit of effort the end reward tastes a lot sweeter.

Day 1 is a wrap.



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