The Eyes

Are you applying the eye mask?

Eyes are so important. Waking up with puffy eyes is unacceptable. I've come to the realization that eye patches/masks are needed. I've seen many advertisements regarding eye patched and bloggers raving about eye treatment they use on a regular basis.

Realizing as we get older our body changes and accepting those changes without being ashamed to purchase the necessary things that's needed to keep us looking bright. As we approach new life seasons, let’s be open to share, encourage, and uplift.

Our eyes work overtime daily from the computers to our phones from the phones to our computers.

I am sharing these LA Pure 24K Gold Eye Treatment , I apply 3 to 4 times a week in the mornings for 30 minutes before going to work. At first, I was skeptical because my skin is sensitive and afraid of any skin reaction. Thankfully, no reaction happened but instead I have enjoyed using the patches.

Dark Circles, Eye Bags, Puffy Eyes,

Are you an eye mask wearer?

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