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House Rules

I've decided to talk family and let others know they are not alone. Some of us are ashame to discuss family issues and family rules. Why is that? It is so easy to judge others instead of looking at what's going on in your household.

Lets discuss preparing for kids to leave home. Some parents are ready and some are not. Well, I'm a parent that is ready. The goal is not to have "Boomerang Kids". Seriously, are we expected to raise our adult kids? They don't want any interference from us. Adult kids will have resistance following the house rules if they have to move back in after college. I remember my mom saying to me, it is too many grown-folks in this house. If I can't follow rules, I must find somewhere else to live. Was she wrong to say that? Back then, I thought so. Now, with young adults of my own, I'm in total agreement. She also told me once I have my own kids, I will see. She was right!

All my kids are Generation Z (1996 - 2012), and have very strong opinions about everything. The second child is a senior in college. We are hoping he realize living at home after college will be a privilege not a right. The concept will be difficult for him to understand. I'm sure no adult wants to live with his parents but sometimes life happens. Making the choice not to obey the house rules is making the choice not to live in you parents home. Period, end of story. Some may say giving a grown person rules is ridiculous but in life we all have rules to follow. We may not want to wear a mask on an airplane; however, refusing to obey the mask ordinance you will not be allowed on the plane.

Have you heard the words, mom you're different? You're not like other mothers? I have heard that so many times. It's difficult to believe that I'm the only mother who gives house rules. They eat to much causing my grocery bill to skyrocket. We had gotten accustomed to that pay raise from saving on food. Who wants young adults that have visitors until the wee hours of the night? We had gotten accustomed to locking the house down by 7:00pm. Who want young adults who listen to music with no care about the volume (not to mention the language)? We had gotten accustomed to quiet.

We love our kids but setting expectations when they have to move back home is a must.

House rules:

  1. Doors are locked at midnight

  2. Clean your dishes after every meal

  3. Clean room and bathroom

  4. no dirty laundry thrown all around

  5. No overnight guest of the opposite sex

  6. Do your own laundry

  7. All guests should be gone by midnight

  8. Permission to have guests over for a period of time

  9. Must look for a job daily

  10. Pitch in on house bills

Do you have house rules? If so, what are some of your house rules for your young adults?

Thanks for reading,



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