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Let Our LIGHT Shine

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We can't be afraid to shine especially during these times. So much is going on around us, the pandemic, the political situation, the loss of jobs, virtual schooling, hunger and I could keep going.

The world needs LIGHT right now.

The way I see it, instagram is a platform to capture great moments and grow from negative comments. Most importantly, we should cautiously choose our battles and focus on what's important. In my opinion, it's okay to be in disagreement with what we see, read and hear; however, how we react is what makes a difference. Let our LIGHT shine.

Excellence doesn't happen by accident. We must keep our eyes on the prize. We must not give up when the going gets tough and the road rocky. People will talk and disappoint. We will have those moments where a pity party will seem warranted. If we give up at the first sign of adversity, are we truly ready for success. Let our LIGHT shine.

Our light will not be dimmed just because someone thinks it's shining to bright. It's sad to say that misery loves company. If we observe our surroundings, some people are so broken and to see others happy pisses them off. Let our LIGHT shine.

Note to Self: It ends now with wasting time on anything and anyone that doesn't add value to our lives. Our path is focusing on the good and knowing every moment is a fresh beginning. Let our LIGHT shine.

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We are in this together. @womensupportingwomen

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