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Lunching with girlfriends

Is it a priority? Are you lunching or texting?

We are all so busy and wishing for more hours in a day. Well, that's not happening so managing our time is important.

Texting is the popular form of communication today.

As I get older, I want that personal interaction. Girl, how you doing? We all know after that introduction, the conversation begins. I want to laugh, see facial expressions and cut up (as women say). It’s been said that laughing is great for the soul. There is already so much sadness around us and so much uncertainty, we might as well get together and have a good time.

I've decided to make time for those that are dear and special to me. Whether it's over a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner, time spent with girlfriends is a taste of happiness. Texting is still on the list; however, personal interaction is at the top.

It's not about having a lot of friends, it's about cherishing the ones you have.

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