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Padre Island

Today could not have been a more perfect day. Sitting in the passenger seat, enjoying the sun while my son drove me around Padre Island was the absolute best.

We didn't park to tour the beach because of COVID19; however, there were several people out exploring the beaches and restaurants. I applaud them because I'm too scared right now.

Miles showed me houses where some of the other guys in Flight school lived. Seriously, young adults are really living their best life. I remember being 23 years old and I was not living like their now or driving the cars they drive today.

Some would say this is fancy; I would be in agreement. At 23 years old, living close to the beach with friends and money my pockets is living the Dream life. I say, 'Live Your Best Life' because you only get one.

Lots of water, great sight seeing and many eye catching places to take pictures. This is a bloggers dream.

We decided to stop for a few quick snapshots. Miles had no hesitation being his mother's photographer.

Looking at this picture, what blogger would not want to stop.

The day ended with a bang visiting a friend that recently relocated back to Texas. We caught up as if five years had not passed since we last seen each other. It was so fantastic to see Beverly just to catch up. It brought back so many great memories working together.

Don't be alarmed, we had our masks but took off for the picture.

This V-neck dress was perfect to cruise the city. Light weight for this Texas heat.

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