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Pant Suit

Do you wear paint suits?

Real talk, I could have been mistaken as an EXECUTIVE walking through the office doors. Okay, that may be stretching it a bit.

Wearing this suit is yet another different thing for me. Getting older, I guess I am propelled to take chances and to step out of my comfort zone which is what we all should be doing. Asking God to order our steps, not to stand still but move forward. Life is too short and precious to stay in our bubble. Surviving 2020, we should embrace ourselves, Step Out, Be Bold, and Style with Grace.

'Step Out, Be Bold and Style with Grace'. Taking this slogan into 2021 has been added to the list. Will you add it to yours?

When thinking of a suit, think of how each piece can be worn with multiple items in your wardrobe. Several outfits can be made from just two pieces.

I decided to pair the jacket with a black skirt. It could also be paired with jeans, dress or solid color pants.

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