Are you STRONG?

Are you full of words? Is it truth in being a person of many words with a strong vocabulary, a sign of strength?

Sometimes it's hard to be silent. We are a society that wants our opinion heard even though at the time, silence is the best response. We shouldn't think that silence is a sign of weakness but think of it as a way to create a drama-free zone.

Silence is a strength that can ease the mind and can send the strongest message. Silence is one of the best teachers to keep us in our best character. Silence is a Fool's teacher.

When a person is on the verge of bringing you out of your normal character of calmness, silence helps build enter balance. Instead of saying meaningless words that will cause for an apology later, let us make Silence our attitude?

Many times I have regretted words that have come out of my mouth. When we think we are being attacked in any way, words starts to flow. I have apologized for some and wish I apologized for many. As the saying goes, wisdom comes with age. Learning when and when not to speak is definitely a work in progress.

Are we strong enough to let silence be your voice?

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