The Black Dress

Have you worn something for 4 days in a row?

Many bloggers post several ways to wear an outfit. Well, I decided to do a small challenge by wearing the same dress four consecutive days. Don't ask why I decided to do this. My answer would be, a shoulder shrug. Sometimes, we just do just to do. I watched on YouTube several ladies doing this challenge. Elizabeth Withey wore the same dress for 365 days. Gold Zipper wore the same dress for one month while defining the stages of grief.

I didn't want to go so drastic; however, it was going to be exciting to see if I could last or would I tap out by Wednesday. If you know me, you know I am a fashion addict. I decided to write a little about each day of me wearing one black dress for four days.

The dress is simple and an old purchase from Zara.


I started the week with an all black look with added leopard for color. Okay, not much to it. Monochrome is always a winner. Pairing with a black blazer and black belt around the waist, made me feel very corporate.

While having lunch, I started to think about what would I pair the dress with tomorrow. Why was I worrying so early in the challenge?


A sweater over a dress making it a skirt outfit was a style seen from several fashion bloggers. That would be the Tuesday look. I decided to add this Mango sweater with a colorful belt. This sandals by Naked feet are the most comfortable sandals ever.

Walking into work was easy because I know they couldn't tell it was the dress from Monday. If they did, no one said anything. Seriously, what would they say?

During lunch, scrolling through Pinterest for more ideas and thinking about the pants I purchased a few days ago wanting to wear them. The tired feeling was beginning to set it at 1;30pm. I decided not to quit only two more days.


I woke up in my feelings. Not feeling like myself at all. I could blame it on the dress but the reality was feeling like a child pouting wanting to wear my new pants.

Wearing a poncho over the dress was all I was feeling on Wednesday morning.. The black sandals were a last minute option. I know; not really the cutest look. I was missing variety. Why was I reacting this way? It's amazing how we get so attached or accustomed to certain things or a way of life and any interruptions causes major anxiety.

I sucked it up and was determined to have a great workday. After all, it was just a dress.


Thursday could not come quick enough. Walking into the kitchen telling Virgil I was done with this dress. He smiled and complimented me on finishing this small challenge. In the grand scene of things, it was a small challenge.

Pairing the dress with a white blouse with balloon sleeves was a simple touch. The mood didn't cause for heels so these flats would do.

I searched through several pictures and couldn't find a smile. You can assume the expression on my face reveals my Thursday morning mood.

Challenge completed.

Four ways to wear a black dress. Which would you wear?

Monday (all black)

Tuesday (sweater)

Wednesday (poncho)

Thursday (white blouse)

Thanks for stopping by.


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