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What do the people want..

Creating content as a Blogger can sometimes be a struggle. What do the people want to see? What do the people want to read? What are the people interested in? Seriously, these are serious questions for bloggers and we need some answers.

Readers, please don't think you are being pushy or opinionated. Bloggers want your input.

As a blogger, my desire is to encourage, inspire and uplift. If I reach one person, my work is not going to waste.

Bloggers edit and audit their IG accounts and blogs for a reason. If content is not driving traffic then editing and auditing happens. Hit the like button and comment. Participate in the polls on insta stories seeing our followers engaged with us makes blogging worth it. Well, that's justly opinion.

What are your favorite search content when scrolling through Instagram and searching for Blogs to read?

Thanks for reading,



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