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Are you comfortable being you?

If this is a struggle, it's time to level up. Beauty begins when we see ourselves as beautiful. There is nothing wrong with us. Think about how life would be if we were all the same. We all have a different purpose. In my opinion, I think learning and accepting that purpose is what makes us uncomfortable.

Every day is new day, why not breathe, smile, and start again. It takes courage not to be who others want us to be. Be the person you want to be around.

We inspire others by being ourselves. There is someone out there who loves everything we dislike about ourselves. Being authentic takes courage because it is letting go of who we think we should be and accepting who we are. Owning our own uniqueness is self-rewarding.

“For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it,

just as Christ does the church“ Ephesians 5:29

Shine bright and be comfortable with who you are.



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